Bored of your photos looking like everybody elses? Well over the past 4 years of being a full-time content creator I have always strived to edit my photos in a way that will stand out in an already crowded social media feed. I have put together 10 Lightroom presets created using my go-to everyday settings! Apply these presets, tweak your exposure and enjoy making your photos pop!

Included are both desktop AND mobile versions so if you want to edit on-the-go you can get exciting looking images straight on your phone!

The 10 presets included are:

B&W Grunge Film

B&W Harsh Punk


Film Burn (Stackable)

Kodak Film Inspired

Neon Glow

Orange & Teal

Pink & Teal

Sewer Punk


Volca Media Go-To Lightroom Presets